Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wii Fit

I bought the Wii fit for myself with some Christmas money I had hoped I could use it on days I don't go the gym but as soon as I brought it home my children took over especially Mason. He does it everyday and loves it! Here he is doing the yoga part and notice how well he is at his comunication. We are sooo proud of him. He now answers my questions (he is still very hard to understand), communicates with words as to what he wants and he even teases us! He is saying some of the funniest things, kinda like when a 2 year old is just learning how to talk and how cute that is. I am going to have to start blogging his cute sayings so I will always remember. If you don't know Mason they won't sound so cute to you but if you do you'll know how exciting this is for us considering how long we have waited for it.

1. Shawns family has always had some really wierd sayings and they always use to say "poop in the water" (sorry Carol- I'm letting out the family secrets!). Well the other day we were eating dinner and Hayden was bothering Mason and Mason yells at him and says "shut up, poop in the water". We died! For those of you who don't know Mason- he is seven years old and is Autistic and just this past year has starting talking (communicating with us). He could say words but only if you told him to say it. I wanted to cry when he said that because it is such a milestone for him.

2. This week his teacher sent home a note asking me if Mason was afraid of death and blood. It sounds like a strange note to receive from your childs school teacher but she explained that in science class they were talking about the circulatory system and how you need blood to flow threw your body in order to live and Mason started crying. I asked him when he got home why he cried over that and he said "Ewww, thats gross!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Years Day

For New Years Eve we spent the night at Robert and Caseys house and rang in the new year with them. The next morning Casey made us a great big breakfast and invited other friends over to join. Towards the end of our visit we went outside and Hayden thought it would be fun to jump in the pool. It wasn't that cold of a day but jumping in the pool the 1st of January in Texas is still pretty cold!