Sunday, May 16, 2010

Samson aka Sammy

We have added yet another dog to our family- Sammy the chihuahua. Sammy is dog #10 for our family. Shawn has repeatedly brought home abandanded dogs left at Petsmart and I have repeatedly gotten rid of them. I am not a dog lover of messes and chewed up furniture and dog hair everywhere but I don't get much of a say when there is 4 against 1. Everything seems to be going ok so far but it has only been one day. Wish me luck, I am not excited for the potty training.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

special olympics

Mason participated for the first time in special olympics with his team from our school district. It started early Friday morning and ended Saturday afternoon. We spent most of our time on Friday just sitting around waiting. Mason did his preliminary race and then there was opening ceremonies where we walked in the parade and had a special guest jump out of a helicopter into the field with the American flag hanging from his prosthetic legs. And of course the lighting of the torch. We had a wonderful time and will continue to do it every year.

Mason with two of his friends, Rachel and Kolton just waiting

Opening Ceremonies parade

Mason competing in the softball throw

Mason got the bronze for the softball throw. There were only 3 boys competing and notice the winner was a cute little blind boy.

Mason running the 100 meter race

gold winner

During the preliminaries we almost didn't think Mason would end up running the race. He was all ready to run and then they fired off the gun. Mason hates loud noises so he just stood there with his hands over his ears not moving. They spent several minutes trying to talk him into running. He eventually did so we spent the rest of the day talking to him about it so he would be ready for the real thing.

Mason was so cute when he was racing. He was smiling the whole time, having a hard time staying in his lane but as he got close to the finish line he started skipping because he knew he was the winner!

Mason was very excited to win the gold medal. He has been talking about winning the gold for months now. After he got his gold medal he tried to give them back the bronze from his softball throw. He said he didn't want the bronze anymore just the gold.

We are so proud of Mason! He has come a long way these past few years. He has started talking and even teases and plays with other children. It is so exciting to see him progress. He is doing so well in school and has started going to regular ed class for part of the day. While talking to other mothers of special needs kids I found out they have a Miracle League in Arlington for special needs kids(baseball). I can't wait to get him involved this fall!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter this year was very relaxed. We enjoyed our time at home watching General Conference on T.V. In the evening we went over to Brandon and Sherie's house for our family dinner and the kids had a little Easter egg hunt.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

rocket ships

In cub scouts this year they decided to build rocket ships instead of the traditional pinewood derby cars. At first we were really disappointed. The boys really like to race their cars and plus this was Masons first year in scouts but once the day came to launch the rockets they had a blast. Each scout got to launch theirs twice. I ended up making the rocket ships by myself and I was a little worried about whether or not they would launch. Haydens turned out fine but Masons had a little problem, but they both shot up in the air really far and the boys had a great time. When we left Mason asked me when we could do rocket ships again.