Friday, March 27, 2009

Pinewood Derby

Haydens 2nd pinewood derby was last night. He had a hard time when his car didnt get in 1st place and then he just sat there mooping when it wasn't his turn to race. This was my first car to make. We had forgotten about the pinewood derby and when we got an email 2 days before I asked Shawn to help him make it and he wouldnt so I got out the hand saw and went to town. It wasn't to hard but I don't know the tricks of making your car go fast so we didnt place at all. Hayden got the Best Flame award which was thanks to Shawn since he painted it.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Haydens 1st 5k

Hayden and I ran the Cowtown 5k kids run Saturday Feb. 28th. It was FREEZING! It was 40 degrees and I didn't want to go because it was so cold but we were meeting up with our school. We ended up having a great time and Haydens favorite part was riding the shuttle from the parking lot to downtown where the race began.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Eventful day at West Elementary

Last Monday I walked into the front office and the phone rang. A parent asked me if the Jonas
Brothers were going to be at West Elementary today. She had heard on channel 5 news that they were going to perform at the TAKS pep rally today at West Elementary in White Settlement, Texas. I of course assured her that that wasn't true and they must of made a mistake. (For those of you who are not from Texas, TAKS is the state test that every student 3rd grade and up take for several different subjects every year and it is a BIG deal! The schools are rated by their test scores so they prepare all year long for it. The teachers put on a pep rally the day before to pump up the kids). Well our teachers put on skits and dances pertaining to doing well for the test. So evidently our districts communication spokesman had let the local TV stations know about this pep rally and in quotations said that the Jonas Brothers would be performing. Channel 5 and 11 took it literally and they agreed to come and film the pep rally thinking the Jonas Brothers would be there. Well when they announced it on TV that morning and when the school district found out, our communications spokesman informed them that that wasn't true and it was just some teachers performing to the Jonas Brothers. They were not very happy but came anyway and filmed it. That evening our school was on channel 5, 11 and 4 and we were in the Fort Worth Star Telegram the next day. We had calls all day long asking about it and I assured them it was just our staff putting on the pep rally. The TV stations knew before they got there that it wasn't the real Jonas Brothers but Channel 5 reported that they were mislead and when they got to the school thats when they found out that the real Jonas Brothers were not here. I was the one who greeted them when they came in and the news reporter joked around saying I hope you have your wigs! Its funny how the media likes to twist things just to have a good story to tell! Notice in the picture- its not the Jonas Brothers, they just danced to it but the camera crew still came!