Sunday, August 23, 2009

My new YW

It is will deepest sorrow that I regret to tell all of you that my oldest child- Callie Rae is now old enough to be in the Young Womens program at church! Where did the time go? I know everyone says this and everyone out there not here yet will say this- Where did the time go? How did this happen so fast! Before you know it they will be gone, out of the house and married and I will be an OLD grandma! It felt like yesterday I was living at home with my parents going to my own YW activities. As you can read I am feeling very sorry for myself because what this all really means is I am getting old!
So here are her pictures from her first young womens activity where they had "messy olympics". Callie was very shy being with all these teenagery girls so she didn't get into all the fun. Hopefully as time goes on she will feel more comfortable with everyone. .

Callies 12th birthday party.
She had a great idea to have a scavenger hunt at the mall where we divided into three groups and each group had twenty dollars to try and buy/get as many items that start with each letter of the alphabet. The group that came home with all items and most money left won. They had a great time. Callie planned the whole thing, made the invitations and sent them out before I even saw them- on her invit she stated her "wish list" was money! I hope parents didn't think I did it! So thats what she got and the next day we went out and she bought herself a new phone.

Monday, August 10, 2009

summer project

I had many projects planned for my summer and got a few done but the one I am most proud of is this. My SIL found this idea on the internet and showed it to me and I had to make it since I had the same stairwell with nothing on it. Basically it is molding and rosettes that I hammered into the wall and then painted the inside of the frame and then hung rod iron pictures in it.
Thanks to all those who voted for my burgundy kitchen. Shawn finally agreed to it unwillingly but now I am having my doubts because I have decided I want to paint my cabinets a darker color and it would but just a really dark blob kitchen so its back to square one (not that I will have anytime to paint since I am back to work). - Projects for Thanksgiving Break, I am already making a list!