Monday, August 10, 2009

summer project

I had many projects planned for my summer and got a few done but the one I am most proud of is this. My SIL found this idea on the internet and showed it to me and I had to make it since I had the same stairwell with nothing on it. Basically it is molding and rosettes that I hammered into the wall and then painted the inside of the frame and then hung rod iron pictures in it.
Thanks to all those who voted for my burgundy kitchen. Shawn finally agreed to it unwillingly but now I am having my doubts because I have decided I want to paint my cabinets a darker color and it would but just a really dark blob kitchen so its back to square one (not that I will have anytime to paint since I am back to work). - Projects for Thanksgiving Break, I am already making a list!


Denise said...

I LOVE it!

Susan said...

What a neat idea. It looks really nice.

Christie and Dane said...

Great job!!!

The Duddington Family said...

Cute! I think we are still working on projects from last summer. Can't wait to see pics of the burgundy kitchen. :O)