Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Cat in the Hat

Mason had his 1st grade performance on Monday Feb. 23rd. The entire 1st grade put on a Cat in the Hat little play. They sang Cat in the Hat songs and did some skits. Mason did very well. He was very cooperative and sat when he was supposed to and stood and sang too! He also had a small little part in one of the skits where he was a server and carried a upside down cake. He loved doing so much and came home with a cd of the songs and he listens to them all the time while singing and doing the hand motions to the songs. We were so proud of Mason- this time last year there was no way he could get up on stage and do what all the other children were doing. He still had a hard time sitting still and had his hands up and was wiggly but he did great!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My other BB Player

Mason practices basketball on Mondays after school for the special olympics. Although he is to young to actual play in the basketball game during the olympics he gets to practice with them so that next year when he is old enough maybe he might actual make a basket. He wants so bad to make it through the hoop he just isn't tall enough and doesn't have the strength to get it any higher. Most of the time he will go up to an adult turn around and back up over to them, assuming they know to pick him up so he can make the basket.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Callies debut

Callie has been playing basketball for over 3 years now with the same team, the saints. Her coach is Callies friend, Eves dad and they live on the next street over. They have had the same girls together for several years. They are doing really well together but most likely this will be their last year since they will start middle school next year and hopefully play on the school teams. Here is a video of Callie making a basket. Callie is very good and defense and is always in the other teams faces trying to get the ball away from them. She usually makes about 1 basket per game. This is their last game of the season and they will start their tournement season on Saturday the 28th. Then starting the following Monday she will start volleyball.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

heart craft

I found this link- through my favorite website to make this really pretty heart door hanging. I love it so much I had to share it with you. I want to make one for each holiday but its going to be hard to find styrofoam in other shapes. I guess I could cut it out. We'll see! Callie had several friends over the weekend I made it so I had lots of helps- this was a team effort. Everyone enjoyed making it.

The twist

For our February PTA meeting at the school I work at and Hayden attends the 3rd grade performed. Each class did several dances. Haydens class did the twist and the bunny hop. I videoed the twist so here it is. Notice towards the end Haydens stomach starts to hurt him. We also honored our life member for PTA and we choose a lady-Ms. Kitye, who had a granddaughter that used to go to West but has since moved on to intermediate school but Ms. Kitye volunteers every single day from the time the kids get to school until they go home (without taking a lunch break) since her granddaughter was in kindergarten and now she is in 6th grade. She works in the copy room all day long and copies and laminates and whatever the teachers need her to do. So we decided she would be perfect for the life member award plus she was turning 80 just a few days later so we could make it a birthday celebration too! This was all a surprise to her, we told her she needed to come to this PTA meeting to honor a teacher and we needed her help. So she came and along with several other teachers and students went up to the stage to honor the "life member" We all had a line to tell a quality about this life member. She even had a line to say (not knowing that it was her)! She was totally suprised when they announced her name for the life member. It was so cute! After we announced it we crowned her the "Xerox Queen". We had a crown for her and made her a sash. Anna ( one of our teachers aid) made it and I embrodairied "xerox queen" on it. Then we sang dancing queen to her while we circled around her on the stage. The words were changed to xerox queen along with some new lyrics about how she is the best at xeroxing. It was so fun. Hayden joined us up on stage and we have been singing xerox queen for several weeks now!