Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Cat in the Hat

Mason had his 1st grade performance on Monday Feb. 23rd. The entire 1st grade put on a Cat in the Hat little play. They sang Cat in the Hat songs and did some skits. Mason did very well. He was very cooperative and sat when he was supposed to and stood and sang too! He also had a small little part in one of the skits where he was a server and carried a upside down cake. He loved doing so much and came home with a cd of the songs and he listens to them all the time while singing and doing the hand motions to the songs. We were so proud of Mason- this time last year there was no way he could get up on stage and do what all the other children were doing. He still had a hard time sitting still and had his hands up and was wiggly but he did great!


The Wilkins Family said...

Oh, he's so cute. I love his tie. He looks very happy.

Susan said...

Very cute Mason!