Friday, February 4, 2011

What we've been doing- 3 more posts below

Well this school year has kept us all busy with sports, school, work, church so here is a recap of what we have been doing lately.
Mason started out in his 3rd grade program as a weed. He did so good and even was the announcer.

Callie is in 8th grade now and playing another season of volleyball. She really enjoys it and does a great job. (hopefully good enough to get a scholorship someday!)

Hayden turned 11 this fall and bridged out of cub scouts. He is in the 5th grade and moved up to intermediate school. I'm all alone at my school now.

Hayden played another season of soccer. This season was a great one. They ended up being the champions in their age group.

Halloween- Mario and Luigi. Mason is actually supposed to be Mario since he was Luigi last year so I bought the Mario custome and just assumed I should get the next size up since last year. We didn't try it on until that day and it was huge! I talked Hayden into to wearing it and Mason wear Luigi. I thought it was adorable but Hayden was extremely embarrased and ended up staying in the car at the trunk or treat all night.
1st Annual Reinbear run for our school district. Callie was supposed to run with us too but she ended up having a basketball tournament out of town.

Callie playing another season of basketball for Brewer Middle School

Christmas Eve in their Christmas pajamas (now they just wear pajama bottoms)

Christmas this year was at our house with all the Poyfairs. Total- 18 Children and 14 adults!

reason I have all this time

This is the reason I have time to update my blog. We have had 4 snow days this week! We are all getting bored with cabin fever. I won't leave the house, there is no way I am driving anywhere, the roads are pure ice! So I have gotten alot of things done around the house.

and here is Callie with her new contacts. We finally got her some since she plays sports and have broken her glasses twice now.


This is what else I have been doing with my time.
I have been practicing crocheting and I am really enjoying it. So far I have just been making hats, they seem to be pretty easy. A friend from work asked me to try and make a yo gabba gabba hat for her daughters 1st birthday. I looked forever on the internet for a pattern but couldn't find a free one so I just winged it. I was pretty proud of myself considering I just started crocheting. So all these new babies being born- this is probably what you'll get from me!

The other craft I have been making is embroidery key fobs. This is what all our teachers and family members got for Christmas this year. I really would love to start an Etsy shop online selling these. They are so easy to make. I actually have sold a few and have an order for 7 more this week. I am so exciting. My goal is to save all the money I make from the keychains and then someday buy myself a new embroidery machine. I would have to sell over 400 to buy the machine I want!