Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Pictures

Easter Egg Hunt at Uncle Jasons house

spring soccer and volleyball

Callie and Hayden have started their spring sports. Callie is playing volleyball for the first time. She usually plays softball and loves it and does very well. Last spring she played softball and after the season was over she was asked to play on the all-star team and enjoyed that, other than crazy parents way to involved in winning(thats another story). Our local sports association added in volleyball this spring along with softball so she had to choose. Callie has played for intermurals at school and enjoyed it so after much consideration she choose volleyball. She is doing very well and their team- The Grizzlys are in 1st place right now.

Hayden is in probably his 10th season of soccer. Hayden has tried just about every sport and I think we finally found his nitch. I have tried very hard to keep Hayden busy with different sports/activities outside home and school. If it would up to him he would stay at home and play video games with friends all day long. This season he has the position of full back and he loves it. He is very proud of himself for all of his blocks. He is very quick to tell us that he is the best player on the team!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Open House

Mason's school had its open house so I took Mason to go see his teachers and classroom. We first stopped by Ms. Monroes room. Ms. Monroe was Masons teacher last year and the year before. This year she moved to Resource. We were so sad to not have her as Masons teacher. She is a wonderful teacher and was so good to Mason. They went on lots of field trips and she took tons on pictures. At the end of the year (both years) she made a slide show to music on DVD and gave each of her students one. Mason loves it so much that he will watch it constantly and sometimes even sleeps with the DVDS. It always brings tears to my eyes when I watch the videos because of how wonderful they are to my son. I feel so grateful to have such amazing teachers who have helped Mason become the wonderful child he is. I owe alot to his teachers. He also has a great new teacher this year- Mrs. Welsh. We did't get a picture of her because she unfortuately wasn't at the open house because she was sick. Mrs. Welsh is also an amazing speical ed teacher. She has come up with some wonderful ideas to help Mason stay on task and follow directions that I have even incorpurated them at home. And then there is Ms. O'Connell who is the 1st grade teacher he comes and sees for about 45 minutes a day for social studies that way he can get some socialization with the regular ed. class. He has been with her for two years and loves her. He will move up to 2nd grade next year so unless she moves up with him he will get a new regular ed teacher (Im going to have to request Callies old teacher). We are so blessed to have Mason in our family. When he was diagnosed with Autism it was very hard for us to deal with it and not knowing what the future would hold for our son. His milestones were very lengthy in time and we wondered if it would ever happen. He didn't walk until his was 14 months (the other 2 kids were nine months), he wasn't potty trained until his was four and he didn't start talking until about six years old and now at seven he is talking in sentences and carrying conversations with us. We are so grateful to our Heavenly Father for sending us Mason. At first you are devistated as a parent to discover that your child has a disability and don't know how you will go forward having to deal with such a life long sentence but I now realize that the Lord is trustig me with this special child and I feel honored that He has choosen me to be a mother of a special needs child. Mason is truely a gift from God and he brings so much joy to our family.