Sunday, December 28, 2008

Poyfair talent show

To end our Christmas celebrations we had a Poyfair family Talent show. Everyone participated and did whatever they could. I quickly decided to sing with Mason and we sang a song I knew he would know-the ABC's, Shawn got talked into telling a story to the children (even though his talent was going to be to show off his world of warcraft characters but he couldn't get his server to work at Jasons house). Hayden counted to 20 in Japanese (learned it in his Karate class) and Callie played her clarinet even though she didn't want to- she was very shy! We also has some great acts from the rest of the family- Sara and Jason sang the theme song to cheers (their 2nd debute after "growing pains" at Danes wedding. Dane and family got all dressed up and danced to Pirates of the the Cariabean ( I have a little clip of it but I just got this camera for Christmas so obviously I didn't know how to work the video part). Grandma and Great Grandma sang and Ivy ended it with her mooning the crowd! After it was all over we applauded everyone who participated and whoever got the most applause won the talent show. Callie Rae was our winner. She was the recipient of a wonderful trophy Jason made from his old trophys as a child. He mutilated them and glued them back together to make one big Poyfair Talent Show Trophy that I'm sure we will continue this tradition for years to come and pass it on to the next winner.

Christmas with the Poyfairs

Christmas at the Poyfairs is always way over done- I grew up with a few presents thinking Santa only spent $25 per kid as I looked through the Sears Christmas catalog every year making a list with the sku #, page #, and price so Santa would get it right (per dad). Then I married into the Poyfair family!! Wow, I never knew Christmas could be so extravagant! Shawn insists that we spend just as much money on ourselves as we do the children- I agree! We had a great Christmas and got everything we wanted. The kids loved it too. We spent the morning opening gifts. Kim (Shawns sister), Mason her husband and her two children, Asher and Ruthanne stayed with us and joined us Christmas morning. After lunch we went to Sara and Jasons (another Poyfair) house and had Christmas dinner and gifts from grandparents. It was very nice to have all the family in town for Christmas. Shawn has 2 brothers and 1 sister who live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area while his brother Dane lives in Arkansas and sister Kim live in Arizona. After Christmas everyone loaded up to go to the Lake house in Tyler, Texas where their parents have a home. Callie and Hayden went with everyone while Shawn, Mason and I stayed behind since Shawn has to work. We will be going tomorrow(Monday)for his day off.

White elephant gift exchange

On Christmas Eve we went over to Shawns brother Brandons house for dinner, White elephant exchange and caroling. The whole family was there. Shawn is the oldest of 6 so it was very crowded. Everyone of his brothers and sisters is married with children ranging from 1-4 (ages 1-11, Callie being the oldest). We had a great time starting out with dinner and then we bundled up and went caroling around the neighborhood. We stopped by a few houses that Brandon and Sharee knew and left them with a Christmas mug and goodies. Then we went back to the house and had 5 rounds of white elephant. The kids started out first with Grandma and Grandpa gifts (new items). Where Callie started out with some sort of action figure or boy thing and Hayden got a baby rattle doll of some sort! They quickly stole something else and came home with spy gear for Hayden and Callie got some sort of secret door hand opener.