Sunday, December 28, 2008

Poyfair talent show

To end our Christmas celebrations we had a Poyfair family Talent show. Everyone participated and did whatever they could. I quickly decided to sing with Mason and we sang a song I knew he would know-the ABC's, Shawn got talked into telling a story to the children (even though his talent was going to be to show off his world of warcraft characters but he couldn't get his server to work at Jasons house). Hayden counted to 20 in Japanese (learned it in his Karate class) and Callie played her clarinet even though she didn't want to- she was very shy! We also has some great acts from the rest of the family- Sara and Jason sang the theme song to cheers (their 2nd debute after "growing pains" at Danes wedding. Dane and family got all dressed up and danced to Pirates of the the Cariabean ( I have a little clip of it but I just got this camera for Christmas so obviously I didn't know how to work the video part). Grandma and Great Grandma sang and Ivy ended it with her mooning the crowd! After it was all over we applauded everyone who participated and whoever got the most applause won the talent show. Callie Rae was our winner. She was the recipient of a wonderful trophy Jason made from his old trophys as a child. He mutilated them and glued them back together to make one big Poyfair Talent Show Trophy that I'm sure we will continue this tradition for years to come and pass it on to the next winner.


Susan said...

That sounds like a lot of fun.

Sharee said...

You got some great pictures from Christmas. I was out of memory on my card and didn't get as many as I would have liked. My grandparents have 85 grandchildren because they had 21 kids. It was a "Yours Mine and Ours" marriage after my biological grandpa died of cancer and my grandpa's wife died in a car accident.