Sunday, December 28, 2008

White elephant gift exchange

On Christmas Eve we went over to Shawns brother Brandons house for dinner, White elephant exchange and caroling. The whole family was there. Shawn is the oldest of 6 so it was very crowded. Everyone of his brothers and sisters is married with children ranging from 1-4 (ages 1-11, Callie being the oldest). We had a great time starting out with dinner and then we bundled up and went caroling around the neighborhood. We stopped by a few houses that Brandon and Sharee knew and left them with a Christmas mug and goodies. Then we went back to the house and had 5 rounds of white elephant. The kids started out first with Grandma and Grandpa gifts (new items). Where Callie started out with some sort of action figure or boy thing and Hayden got a baby rattle doll of some sort! They quickly stole something else and came home with spy gear for Hayden and Callie got some sort of secret door hand opener.

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Susan said...

We had a white elephant exchange at the Homers' house. The girls thought it was great fun. Robyn ended up stealing a High School Musical barbie from Grandpa -- because only girls play with barbies.