Thursday, May 6, 2010

special olympics

Mason participated for the first time in special olympics with his team from our school district. It started early Friday morning and ended Saturday afternoon. We spent most of our time on Friday just sitting around waiting. Mason did his preliminary race and then there was opening ceremonies where we walked in the parade and had a special guest jump out of a helicopter into the field with the American flag hanging from his prosthetic legs. And of course the lighting of the torch. We had a wonderful time and will continue to do it every year.

Mason with two of his friends, Rachel and Kolton just waiting

Opening Ceremonies parade

Mason competing in the softball throw

Mason got the bronze for the softball throw. There were only 3 boys competing and notice the winner was a cute little blind boy.

Mason running the 100 meter race

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Nikki said...

That dog, "Sammy" is adorable!! Good luck with the potty training. I LOVE the picture of MAson running in the race! How cute is that?!?