Tuesday, April 27, 2010

5k race

Mason and I ran the Tannahill 5K (the indermediate schools race). Hayden was supposed to run it with me since this will be the school he will go to next year but he decided that morning he didn't want to run. So I recruited Mason. Mason was very excited to run. He wanted to win the race so he ran way ahead of me and I had hard time catching up with him. Luckily some of the kids up ahead stopped him and made him wait for me.

Hayden and I ran the Cowtown kids 5k back in February. We ran it in 15 minutes thinking we did really well this year compared to last year but we come to find out the police blocked off the streets wrong and we only did 1.8 miles.


Susan said...

Good going on doing a 5k. I can barely run a mile. Annalise is running her first 5k on Saturday. Jeff has been training her the last couple of weeks. He's got her up to 2 miles of straight running. It's so cute to see them together!

Denise said...

That is funny! I'm glad that you guys got to do it together, though.

Casey said...

I love your page and the beautiful picture of the kids at the lake/pond.
Your race sounds fun.