Sunday, April 3, 2011

miracle league

We are so excited to find a baseball league just for special needs kids. Its called the Miracle League and the Texas Rangers sponsor it. Mason had his first practice on Friday. He loved it! He was so excited to be going to his own "basketball practice" (his words). Poor Mason has spent many of years going to all of Haydens and Callies games and just this last year he has been asking me when we can go to his games. Finally I found this league when I was talking to another mom at the special olympics last year. We have to drive to Arlington (which is 30 minutes away) but it will be worth it. Mason's first game is next week along with Callie and Haydens games all at the same time and of course Shawn in working. Luckily Hayden can go with the neighbor but I'll have to just drop Callie off!

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